he project is financed by the CDTI and supported by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, with a grant from FEDER funds through the “Operative Program for Intelligent Growth 2014-2020” y CDTI’s own funds.


The general objective of this project was to build a service platform that could be installed above the habitual working tools of a HelpDesk service. This platform generates a knowledge database about the issues addressed by the helpdesk service that can be easily checked by the technics while at work.

A CBR system will add intelligence to the platform, finding the most suitable cases to suggest possible solutions for a given issue, and also helping to optimize the tasks planning.

The whole system is delivered in a SaaS model, where the only real link with the underlying corporate system is a custom ETL procedure that reads its database to keep the platform up to date.

Research institution

Research group Electronic Technology and Industrial Informatics (TIC150) from the University of Seville.


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