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Business Solutions
Software engineering

Software development and integration of information systems

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Systems and IT infraestructure engineering
Systems engineering

Physical and logical Network Infrastructure, Systems, Storage and Virtualization for the optimal execution of applications and business processes

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Software Factory and Custom development

We supply our customers with a team capable of developing any kind of application using cutting-edge technologies, letting them be assured that the information systems that support their businesses work and evolve steadily.

 IT Service Management

Soltel fully manage the production life cycle of your projects by integrating them into an ITIL best practises model in order to allows the service indicators oriented towards compliance with the SLA.
We improve the effectiveness understood as the choice of the necessary solution to undertake the resolutions in a satisfactory manner and the efficiency, once the solution to be applied is chosen, selecting the tool with the least impact on economic and functional criteria over the operations.

Testing Lab QA

Our testing laboratory has a highly qualified team, the best tools and automated processes to ensure the quality of our customers' software. Functional testing, stress and performance tests, code quality measurement, security tests, accessibility analysis, multi-channel verification and usability, QA analysis of deliveries, ...

Expert Justice Consultancy

Judicial management specialized solutions: consultancy services, software development, training, coaching about systems related to justice.

Project Management

Our extensive experience in software projects, methodologies (PMP, Prince, Scrum,...), industry certifications (CMMI, Spice, ...) and services management provide us great knowledge about the management of the processes involved in the development lifecycle, such as requirements definition, software design, coding, source code control, code revisions, software configuration management, testing, deployment management and products integration.

R&D Incubator

Searching for funding to perform SOLTEL's ideas and those of our clients. Alliances and partnerships with large companies and Universities.

Smart Cities, Health, Industria 4.0

Experts on last trend in Data-mining, Big Data, IoT, M2M, expert and predictive systems, Business Intelligence, image recognition, hyperspectral vision...

Electronic administration

We are experts in systems integration that provide administrations with the capacity to offer their procedures to citizens and workers electronically.

Software Factory and Custom development
IT Service Management
Testing lab QA
Expert Justice Consultancy
Project Management
R&D Incubator
Smart Cities, Health, Industria 4.0
Electronic administration


Wide experience in WEB development based on different technologies like J2EE, Liferay Portal and Drupal


Native applications in Android, IOS and hybrid implementations based on PhoneGap , Ionic, Cordova...


Workflows design and business processes management with Bonita BPM and Bizagi.We robotize processes and tasks with UIPath.

Data Intelligence

Enabling technologies to generate knowledge: IOT, Data Analytics, Dashboards, Machine Learning, Prescriptive Systems



Public Cloud

Ready for tomorrow? We help you boost your business working faster, more flexible and more secure at a lower cost. Reduce operation costs and the hassle of software and hardware maintenance, focusing your work on what you do best. Ask us how we can help you.

Private Cloud

SOLTEL IT SYSTEMS provides multiple solutions for private cloud based on Openstack and VMware vCloud, designed to meet your business specific needs. We perform an initial consultancy to detect your business needs and offer you the most optimal solution.


We specialize in hyperconverged equipment that combines computing, storage and networking in a single block device that easily scales by adding additional units or nodes, allowing quick and easy management and scalability.


We have several virtualization solutions to let you reduce space in the data centre and provide you with a flexible on demand supply capacity architecture, decreasing downtimes due to failures. We work with the main virtualization technologies like VMware and KVM.


Do you need agility in your business? Our solutions for orchestration and configuration management will make your day-to-day easier and faster, enhancing supply times, suppressing deployment mistakes and executing routine tasks without human intervention.

Cloud Backup

Address your issues about backup copies with a complete and easy to manage service making backup copies of any data to the Cloud. Supplement the backups of your physical and virtual servers and even PCs by means of local and cloud copies, providing continuity to your business in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Recovery

We design infrastructures and services to help your business operations continue in the event of a natural or human-induced disaster. In the midst of technological transformation, where most of the activities are electronic, short time recovery systems and prevention of irreversible data losses are key issues.


Through our team of highly qualified professionals, consisting of telecommunications engineers, advanced management technicians, expert support and mobile telecommunications managers, specialized in critical care interventions, Soltel coordinates telecommunications infrastructure projects. Our team also incorporates technical specialists in plant support of the pricing and billing processes. This team constitutes a Technical Office of services for the assurance of the operational management and technical direction of field and cabinet work.

Public Cloud
Private Cloud
Cloud Backup
Disaster Recovery



Legal file management application

eLex, integrated management system for legal files

eLex is the new integrated management system for legal files, which allows legal aid offices of public and private entities to optimise the performance of their functions, by means of an intuitive interface, that complies with all security and data protection regulations.

Shareholder management application

SIGA, Management of shareholders' meetings

SIGA is the comprehensive shareholder management system your organisation needs. It provides a platform to digitally manage your organization's Shareholders' Book, allowing your organization to interact with your shareholders telematically.

Search, arrive, park


Social Parking is an app compatible with most devices, which will let you know if there is available parking wherever you go even before leaving home. You will manage your parking in an easy and seamless way. If you get a bit distracted you will receive notifications to remind you that your parking fee is about to expire, and you can renew it automatically.

Plant Recognition system based on fuzzy logic and Image Recognition

OPR Optical Plant Recognition

OPR is a smart field guide in the form of a mobile application that combines context and location awareness with image processing to help identify plants species, both in urban parks and in open natural spaces.

The image recognition system analyses a picture of a tree leaf to retrieve the main morphological characteristics that will help identify it.

The citizen's voice


Platform that brings together all the elements leading to quality citizen participation. Demokratio implements the recommendations of the Committee of Ministers to Member States of the European Community on e-democracy, and meets the requirements, known so far, of Transparency Law: information, transparency, participation. It is SOLTEL's platform for OpenData, Open Government and Smart Cities solutions.

Hyperspectral technology


System for the automated detection of plagues and diseases, performance prediction and determination of fruit maturity in olive tree cultivation. By means of hyperspectral technology, temperature, humidity and pressure sensors, the farmer can get these parameters from his plot in real time, and have them analysed in the cooperative.



IDE4 Clinical Guides is a framework based on modeling tools and process and rules management software, to improve the management of clinical guidelines and care processes, allowing to significantly reduce the costs of creation and maintenance of software for clinical guides compared to development from scratch.

Software development ecosystem


ZISDE is a software development ecosystem based on the integration of stable and consolidated solutions approved by developers, communities and companies: a version control system and code repositories, task manager, libraries and artifacts repository, document manager, continous integration server and metrics dashboard.

For a more effective citizen security


Solkar is a software for real-time management of traffic fines imposed by Security Forces. Through a mobile device police officers can access local databases to identify a vehicle or its owner and legitimize a sanction document accompanying pictures taken with the same device.Fines are registered geopositioned.

Smart assets tracking in industrial environments


Soltel’s Industry 4.0 solution is designed to monitor the performance of an industrial plant down to the tiniest detail, taking full advantage of the Internet of Things and BigData technologies, at a very low cost.


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