On 21 January, the DISAVIT project participated in the International Conference on Intelligent Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence, held in Amsterdam. At the event, the article “Development of an Intelligent Decision Support System for Smart Viticulture” – C. M. Balaceanu, G. Suciu, C. S. Bosoc, O. Orza, C. Fernandez, Z. Viniczay was presented.


Our article was published in the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, and at the conference it was recognised with the prize for the best paper, which is a great incentive for the development of the project and gives us a good perspective of the interest that this type of initiative awakens in the field of applied research in the agri-food sector.


Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) represents the best option for smart vineyard applications, even if it is necessary to integrate the technologies required for the development. This article is based on the research and the results obtained in the DISAVIT project. For Smart Agriculture, the project aims to provide a trustworthy, intelligent, integrated vineyard management solution that is based on the Internet of Things. This solution has been demonstrated to be useful for smart environmental management, historical analysis and profiling, monitoring, cost-efficiency management, security considerations and environmental pollution detection. The main technical innovative aspects of this project are the adoption of an agnostic approach to gain in interoperability by utilizing a multiprotocol technology (being the future of IoT wireless connectivity); conception for long-term deployments (modular, scalable) and provision of a trustworthiness environment addressing cybersecurity, IoT-based threats and traceability by design based on blockchain. The DISAVIT addresses the need to get a more climate change adapted and resilient farming, promoting the incorporation of better management tools based on objective data-driven decisions at the same time that exploits the opportunities generated by the market of digital services for smart agriculture management stakeholders. The solution aims to improve the decision making, performance and costs of viticulture infrastructures, and enhance interoperability and real-time data accuracy. Innovative aspects such as end-to-end solutions, adaptability, scalability, security and traceability, place our product in a favorable situation over competitors. None of the solutions in the market meet every one of these requirements by a unique product being innovative.



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