One of the growth objectives of Soltel is to enhance its presence in the international market through participation in European innovation projects collaborating with international partners in strategic sectors. With this aim, Soltel took part in the ICT Proposers’ Day 2017, celebrated in Budapest on the 9th and 10th of November.

ICT Proposers’ Day 2017

The event featured the launch of the Horizon 2020 Work Program for 2018-20 in the field of ICT, Future and Emerging Technologies (FET), and Societal Challenges, offering an exceptional opportunity to build quality partnerships with academics, researchers, industrial stakeholders, SMEs and government actors from all over Europe.
The event included networking sessions organised according to the pillars and topics of the Horizon 2020 Work Programme for 2018-20, including an introduction of upcoming Horizon 2020 calls, and presentations of projects ideas by potential proposers.
Some information sessions were offered to assist participants on how to prepare and submit a proposal to answer a Horizon 2020 call, touching upon intellectual property rights (IPR), better access to finance, SME Instrument, etc.
There were booths at the venue to present the ICT-related topics of the Work Program 2018-20 and the content of the next calls for proposals, and will serve as meeting points to facilitate interactions between people interested in the same research topics.
The venue also had specific spaces for informal and side networking in the networking and face to face areas and in the lounge area. During the Face2Face Brokerage event, run by IdealIst in cooperation with Enterprise Europe Network, participants could meet potential partners in pre-arranged face to face meetings.
The event was attended by more than 3,000 researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry representatives, and policy makers.

Soltel’s participation


The main goal of Soltel’s participation was to contact potential partners and let them know about the skills and resources that Soltel can provide to an innovation and development project at European level, along with the working areas and specific topics where we already have expertise and previous developments:

  • Platforms & pilots
  • Health
  • Food security
  • Secure clean energy
  • Circular economy
  • Digital Transformation, Governance



With this in mind Soltel took part in the Face2Face event organised by Idealist and Enterprise Europe Network, through its regional hub in the Agencia Andaluza de Conocimiento on a total of 29 meetings with representatives of several research institutions, universities, companies and entrepreneurs, interested in collaborating in projects in IoT, smart farming, industry 4.0 and citizen participation. Also in some informal meetings held in the networking area with entities with whom it had not been possible to set up an appointment in advance. Several of these meeting have led to subsequent contacts, and work has already begun to build consortia to collaborate in proposals about health and agriculture.


The conferences about SME Instrument and Fast Track to Innovation were also very interesting, explaining the funding criteria and requisites of both programmes and presenting some successful projects from previous calls.


The following are some of the topics we are working on:

  • DT-ICT-07-2018-2019 Smart Factory
  • DT-ICT-08-2019 Agro
  • SC1-DTH-10-2019-2020 Digital health and core services
  • DT-RUR-12-2018 ICT innovation for agriculture (Hubs)
  • LC-SC3-SCC-1-2018-2019-2020 Smart cities & communities
  • SC5-11-2018 Digital solutions for water
  • DT-GOVERNANCE-05/12-2018-2019-2020

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