The Project is supported by the Operative Programme FEDER Andalucía 20017-2013 Global Grant Innovation-Technology-Industry of Andalucía.


SocialParking is a platform that uses data mining and predictive analysis techniques to help drivers find a free spot.

The system allows drivers to check in advance the availability of parking spots near their destination. A combination of real time data and predictions based on historical data analytics provides an accurate estimation of the most convenient parking space.

Once arrived, a very simple interface lets the driver “check in” the occupied spot and “check it out” when leaving. The application also manages the payments depending on the parking time.

In the side of the parking facility manager, the system provides him with extensive information on the use of the parking spaces, in the form of dashboards and reports, and with control functionality to detect and punish the system misuse.

Research institution

Research group Electronic Technology and Industrial Informatics (TIC150) from the University of Seville.


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