The project is financed by the CDTI and supported by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, with a grant from FEDER funds through the “Operative Program for Intelligent Growth 2014-2020” y CDTI’s own funds.


Smart-RSU is a platform that provides predictive information about how full a specific container will be in the near future, within a scope of 7 days, based on historical waste collection data and contextual additional information.

The challenge of the Project is to reduce the cost of the infrastructure to be deployed, since only a small amount of bins are equipped with sensors as a means of reference data, unlike other existing solutions that require a significant amount of bins to be sensorized.

These predictions along with applicable regulation are then used to determine which containers need to be emptied and which can safely wait to the next day. The system also defines the optimal routes for the collecting trucks to empty all the selected bins, reducing fuel consumption, working hours and pollution.


Soltel IT Solutions SLU


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Research institution

Research group Electronic Technology and Industrial Informatics (TIC150) from the University of Seville.


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