On May 18, 2023, in commitment to security and technology, Soltel will participate through sponsorship in the Security Day Sevilla. Organized by Fortinet, this event aims to bring together different technological partners in the main cybersecurity event in Andalusia, which will include in-depth discussions with industry experts.

What is Security Day Sevilla?

Security Day Sevilla is an event that brings together cybersecurity and computer security experts from all over Spain and especially from Andalusia, with the aim of showcasing the latest advancements and solutions in the fight against cyberattacks.
During Security Day, Fortinet’s team of experts, along with other relevant industry testimonials, will analyze the new methods used by cyber attackers and how we can protect our digital systems against these new trends. They will highlight key points on how cutting-edge technology enables us to achieve the convergence of cybersecurity and network and proactively prevent attacks.

This will be achieved through extended and automated response across the organization’s security ecosystem, leading to a largely automated SOC (Security Operations Center). Fortinet will share its vision for “securing” the path to the cloud, as well as for industrial environments, which are increasingly targeted by attackers.

We support advancements in cybersecurity

The infrastructure of all organizations evolves every day, and with it, the attack surface and level of risk increase. That is why Soltel chooses to sponsor events like Security Day Sevilla, which showcase the talent in Andalusia and our ability to address the latest trends that threaten data security.
In this context, we highlight the work of CIOs, responsible for the management and direction of information technologies, and CISOs, responsible for the proper management and protection of information, as well as their teams. It is essential to have profiles capable of monitoring this evolution and providing solutions to cybersecurity risks while striving to improve operational efficiency, optimize the user experience, and accelerate results.

In conclusion, digital security is a critical topic in today’s world, and Security Day Sevilla is a unique opportunity to learn about or update yourself on the latest cybersecurity trends and solutions.