Continuing with the development of innovative solutions within the scope of the ECO-GATE project, Soltel, in collaboration with Molgás, has implemented a cloud platform that allows for the visualisation of data relating to the demand for LNG and CNG fuels at the enabled service stations, as well as for making predictions and displaying alarms in potentially critical situations.

The system integrates significant data from various sources:

  • MOLGAS ERP with sales data and tank load levels.
  • Vehicle registrations.
  • Meteorology.
  • Opening of CNG and LNG service stations.

The integration and joint analysis of these data generate valuable information, which is displayed on the platform in a series of dashboards with the following objectives:

  • Predict and, therefore, optimise the stocking levels of the stations.
  • Discovering behaviour patterns.
  • Improved knowledge (profiling) of customers.
  • Monitor the state of the stations.
  • Temporary evolution of fuel deliveries (refuelling operations).
  • Detection of queues and waiting times per dispenser.
  • Demand profiles in daily, weekly and monthly windows.



The solution has already been deployed and in the coming months it will be monitored and validated with the aim of detecting incidents in the data loads, validating the accuracy of the predictions made, evaluating possible improvement actions based on the analysis of the data collected and continuing to improve the tool.

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