Soltel got constituted in public deed thanks to the 3000 euros value of two Pentium II and a motorcycle. This was Julio Pérez, its president, only equity, since he had no money to invest but a lot of illusion and a will to work. In his case, in the field of technology.

Now it has just been 10 years since that adventure started. Soltel Group has already 150 professionals, offices in Badajoz, Madrid besides its main office in PISA Poligon in Mairena del Aljarafe, and has just also settled in Mexico D.F., as the starting point of its international expansion. Yet, it had already developed projects in Chile, USA, Mexico, Portugal and Arab Emirates. Economic results are also good; the company had a billing of five million euros in 2012.

This progression has led it to be granted with the Best Business Career Award by the Andalusia Young Businessmen Association. “It fills us with pride. It is a boost for our project, our 150 employees and our products”, explained Julio Pérez after collecting the prize.

This business career goes hand in hand with a social engagement that has led it to work with Manos Unidas in the building of drinking water canals for the most disadvantaged villages in Bolivia, or in dispensaries for ambulances in India; or to partipate with the Internatinal Cooperation Office in the building of drinking water wells in Malawi.

An opportunity for training is also present in Soltel that has been teaching the SAP Master for longer than three years.