The Regional Government of Andalusia has recognized in Seville, due to the celebration of the Andalusia Day, to ONCE for its solidarity labour, to Foundation Cruzcampo for its contribution to the dynamism of sevillian society and to the theatre company Los Ulen in its culture category, among other prize winners.

In the event, conducted yesterday by the councillor for Public Works and Housing, Josefina Cruz Villalón, and the Regional Government delegate in Seville, Carmen Tovar, recognition was also given to Remedios Navarro, managing director of the Maestranza theatre and the Seville Sinfonic Orchestra, for her pedagogical work.

The Andalusian Government that decides upon these Andalusia Day commemorative awards in the provincial scope has also rewarded the Association 19 Mujeres for the recovery of the historic memory in Guillena, and, as homage to the commitment to the overcoming it has granted a prize to the federation of provincial associations of physically and organically disabled people of Seville.
In the category of Entrepreneurial Innovation the Government delegation has highlighted the work of the company Soltel IT Solutions, S.L.

La Candelaria health centre was rewarded in the health category, and Antonio Palomino Hornero, manager of La Alicantina, Puerto Delicia and gastrosol (From the space Metrosol Parasol), was rewarded in the Business Career one.

For its contribution to the improvement of urban mobility, the Government has granted a prize to Tranvías de Sevilla S.A.; in the category of cooperativism promotion the prize was for the provincial association of farming cooperatives of Seville and, in the category of Environment, to the founder of the Spanish Ornithology Society, Rafael Díaz Márquez.
Seville fire department, on its behalf, has been chosen to remark its important contribution to the efficiency in emergency management.

The councillor for Public Works and Housing, Josefina Cruz Villalón, praised the winners labour, whom she defined as “the best exponents of current Andalusian society”.